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Misty Woodland

I’d been meaning to post this blog a fortnight ago but struggle with time to write so better late than never.

Trees, forests and woodland have been featuring in my photography more and more, mainly because it’s the sort of place I most enjoy spending time, relaxing away from work and people. One of the big draws was to find some mist having seen stunning atmospheric shots from photographers I admire. Autumn completely passed by in a blur with the birth of my daughter so I thought I’d be waiting another year but woke up to thick fog on an early March morning.

I grabbed my kit and jumped in the car to head to a local woodland I’d scouted previously and knew would offer up some good opportunities. After a slow and careful drive with about 1 metre visibility I got there at 7am and started taking shots as soon as I got out of the car.

Wide View

I had a bit of a rush of exhilaration with the atmosphere in the woods, it looked incredible and was the exact conditions I’d been waiting to photograph.

Straight and Tall

The mist was a little heavy at first but the longer I spent walking around the more light started breaking through and giving more layers in the trees.


I had a clearing in mind that I thought would work well, but there was a lot of forestry work going on and having already got pretty muddy I came upon this so gave up on that one.


There were so many areas I wanted to get around, I didn’t spend too long in any one location, composing fairly quickly and moving on to explore.


I had to be fairly quick as I was due at work for 8:30, so hadn’t brought the tripod and was just using the 24-70mm lens, no filters or anything else which would slow down the process between different shots. Every time I was planning to head back to the car I saw something in a different direction and headed off on a diversion.


I ended up walking around 5 miles over 2 hours and got to work about an hour late, but with the biggest crop of photos I’ve ever got from one trip, taking just under 100 shots and 10 or so that I was really happy with. A very successful morning and leaves me excited for autumn when there should hopefully be more of the same.

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