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Sherwood Fog – Autumn 2022

Back in November 2020 I had an amazing walk around Sherwood Forest in heavy fog, as the Autumnal colour was at it’s peak. I didn’t post a blog on it, but a selection of the images from that morning are in a gallery on my Behance.

This Sunday there had been fog forecast all week and whilst it’s a couple of weeks later than the visit 2 years back the colour seems to have been held back a bit due to the mild Autumn we’ve had. I decided to almost retrace my steps from that previous morning, but try and capture something new.

While out I felt a little disappointed with what I was capturing on the camera, ultimately my photography has taken a back seat recently largely due to lack of motivation and I probably had overly high expectations for the occasion when I did eventually manage to get out in some of my favourite conditions.

Once I had chance to review the images in Lightroom I was actually surprisingly happy with a few of them, and I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with the response to what I’ve shared on social media so far, although that’s probably just a fluke of the algorithms!

While the Autumn colour was at it’s peak vibrancy I enjoyed using the atmospheric fog to make a few more moody black and white images.
This was the first of several pathways that made the final cut, I often tend toward less traditional compositions with no obvious human impact, but with the recession of the fog and trees looming high on either side the path felt like drew you more into the scene.
This was more the sort of image that I typically look for, in a more dense part of the woodland, I had to wade through high bracken and brambles to find a small area that I felt had potential. It still seemed like an old disused track, but was completely overgrown and impassable in places.
This is the same area of beech shown in the first mono image, and one that featured heavily in the 2020 gallery too. It was a part of the woodland I’d found several years prior and earmarked for these sort of conditions, but felt I’d made more of the previous opportunity. There was also someone else walking through the trees on this occasion, I think picking mushrooms, but I always prefer to be completely alone, so I spent less time here and moved on to other areas.

2 thoughts on “Sherwood Fog – Autumn 2022”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Really love these photos. They are so atmospheric and have a drawn/ painterly feel to them.
    The compositions and captures are just spot on.
    Beautiful stuff.
    Thank you for sharing

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