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Palm House

On Friday I was at Kew Gardens for the launch of the IGPOTY exhibition, more on that in a future blog, but I decided to take my little Fuji X-M1 with the fantastic 27mm 2.8 pancake lens along to take a few snaps of the exhibition, plus I’d left myself a couple of hours extra before my train in case there were any photo opportunities.

A lot of photographers would relish the opportunity to have a couple of hours in London with a camera, but I couldn’t be more uncomfortable at the thought of street photography, architecture isn’t my bag either and flat midday light plus a wide angle lens isn’t what I’d usually choose for photographing trees.

I’d had a quick wander through the Palm House before the exhibition, a magnificent Victorian structure, but what had really caught my eye were the textures through the glass from the outside, especially where leaves were pressing against the windows and peeking through between lichen.

This is still slightly outside my usual subject matter, but small details like this are something I feel much more comfortable with and presenting a small set of images together has become a more common way for me to work.

Below are six images which I shot while walking around the outside of the Palm House.

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