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New Year's Resolutions 2016

If you read my last post (here) you would have seen that my first year really trying to get my photography out there started with a New Year’s resolution twelve months ago. Because of how well that turned out I’ve decided to make some more for 2016 and hopefully carry this on, so below are my new resolutions, I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with these.

  1. Take more photos! Despite everything I’ve done this year I’ve probably taken less photos than any year for a good while and this doesn’t help me achieve any of the other things I’m aiming for. This includes putting more effort into going out to interesting places at good times and sorting a couple of trips away. I’d like to be taking photos of some sort every week.
  2. Experiment more. This ties in to the previous one, with a young daughter and a full time job I’m not always going to have the chance to travel to a great landscape early in the morning, so getting back into experimenting with macro, abstract, little projects around the house and garden, etc. I think will keep the enthusiasm alive, teach me a lot and improve my creativity.
  3. Enter some competitions. I started this at the end of 2015 and did well in the Amateur Photographer Christmas cover competition. I’m not going to aim to win anything or even get a runner up place, but I think entering more will be a good learning experience.
  4. Take more photos of family and moments. I hardly ever pick up the DSLR for photos of family as I don’t think they’ll be ‘arty’ enough, but that means most of the memories so far are just phone snaps. I think I’ll regret not having nice quality photos to look back on if I don’t change that.

One thing I’ve done to work towards these is just bought a second hand Fuji compact mirrorless camera with a tiny prime lens which should be delivered soon, the idea is I can carry that in a pocket every day on occasions when I wouldn’t take the DSLR and try some different things with it. I’ll post something up once I’ve had a good play with it, but I’m definitely hoping that will make a big difference on points 1 and 4.

I’ll be sure to post in another year to see how many of these I’ve stuck to. In the meantime I’m looking out for any resolutions from other photographers as there’s always time to add more if I see some good ones!

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