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Snow Photos

Most people get excited at the prospect of snow round here, especially photographers as it transforms the landscape and opens up lots of different shots which wouldn’t normally work. We only seem to get one day with a decent covering each year recently so you have to make the most of the opportunity!

It wasn’t exactly a blizzard but we woke up this morning to a light dusting, enough that out in the countryside it had settled well, so I set off at 7:30 to catch first light and spend a couple of hours walking round a local spot near Calverton, Nottingham where there’s an area of woodland and the old colliery spoil heap to get some views from.

One technique I have been using quite often in woods and forests recently is the long exposure panning through trees to get an abstract shot as shown in this post, it doesn’t always work and I don’t want to overdo it, but thought the snow would suit it well and that shot is one of my favourites from the trip.

Winter Forest Abstract
Forest Snow
White Christmas

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